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In the Morning Miss Mel, Miss Tatiane and Miss T’arn welcomed, Bentley, Jordan, Grayson, Oliver, and Zelia. The children were happy exploring in Babies 2 until Miss Shae arrived at 8:15 and we took our bubs to our room to start our morning routines. All the children were very tired today and went down for their morning sleep together. Dorijan arrived with a big cheeky smile while his friends were sleeping. He sat down for morning tea with Miss Shae, joined by Bentley and Grayson shortly after.

For our group time today, we sat by the door in our outdoor yard before transitioning inside to the table for lunch. Grayson, Dorijan, Jordan, Bentley, and Oliver sat so well for group time today! We sang “If you’re happy and you know it” and “Open shut them” to start our group time today. Singing songs that the children like and respond to (i.e. clapping hands and bopping up and down) made the group time engageable from the beginning and made the children want to sit and engage. After singing some songs Miss T’arn did “Bee bee bumble bee” with the children as Miss Shae took them one by one inside for lunch as their name was called. This is our 4th day doing small group times before lunch and we have already noticed the children are more engaged and want to sit and sing songs and are recognising the songs we are singing (bee bee bumble bee). Today was a smaller group time but the children really enjoyed it.

Miss T’arn and Miss Shae wanted to extend on yesterday’s activity with the flour and cocoa powder as we seen the children’s interest in the dry ingredients when making playdough yesterday. We decided to do this activity outside today so that the children could choose to play in the flour or explore other areas of interest. We pulled out the black tray and filled it with flour and cocoa powder for the children to touch and feel with their hands or feet. Grayson and Dorijan were straight in the flour when we opened the doors for outside. Dorijan was giggling as he was walking through the flour and picking it up in hands. Miss T’arn put some flour in her hand and asked him for a high five. Dorijan high fived her and watched as the flour flew into the air. He was laughing and doing it again and again. Grayson crawled through the flour and rubbed his hands in there before noticing the climbing equipment on the other side of the yard. Grayson has been doing lots of climbing this week, so being outside with the equipment was so exciting for him. Bentley eventually came over to the tray of flour and crawled inside. He was sitting and playing, feeling the flour in his hands and feet and would occasionally lay on his tummy and giggle. When Jordan woke from his nap, he came outside to join his friends in the play. Jordan loved this activity yesterday and was smiling when he saw it was out again today. He was in there with his hands in the flour and picking it up and then would look up at us with a big smile on his face. Oliver LOVED the flour experience today. We laid him on his tummy in the tray of flour and he was kicking his legs and waving his arms with excitement. He even put his face down in the flour and popped up with a big smile. He was having so much fun! Zelia was happy feeling the sand in her hands and her toes with Oliver. Oliver pulled her socks off when she was sitting in there and she was wiggling her toes in the flour.

Have a great evening!

♥ Much Love Always, Miss T’arn and Miss Shae ♥