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Welcome Babies One families. 😊 Today is Epilepsy awareness day and to celebrate it we decided to do some purple painting with our children. Purple is the official colour of epilepsy and purple day aims to get people talking about epilepsy and to remind those who live with these seizures that they are not alone. The children responded exceptionally well to this exercise and really enjoyed exploring the purple paint and were very proud of themselves and what they had created on the paper. The children participated doing an individual picture for their art books and we also did a group one to add to our floor book. The children are confident and involved learners developing creativity, curiosity and imagination as they explore the textures of the paints in between their little fingers and hands! 😊
We did a lot of indoor/outdoor play today being such beautiful weather we decided to make the most of it. Miss Kate set up our outside environment for the children to explore the blocks in the sandpit, dolls and prams which Edward and Bentley especially enjoyed with big smiles. Peyton and Miller sat quietly and contently explored the different rattles on the mat. Other outdoor activities included the tent and saying hello to our friends in the Babies 3 room. 😊
Peyton has been practising her waving and clapping her hands which ties in perfectly with action songs and our morning ‘Acknowledgement of Country’. Peyton has also been practising her pulling herself up to stand as a follow up from a goal/observation. Our little friend Parker really loves being in the stand-up activity toy and being upright on her feet. 😊
Thank you for a wonderful day Babies One! Miss Kate and Miss Amanda. 😊 😊