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Good Afternoon lovely families,

Today has been a wonderful Thursday. Today we welcomed Olive, Parker, Cleo, Daris, Winston and Oskar. While waiting for all our lovely babies to arrive we had a little play in the small side yard before heading inside to wait for some of our other friends to arrive.

Once heading inside, it was time to have morning tea, so we washed our hands and pushed the chairs to the table. We had some yummy yogurt and fruit. After having morning tea, we cleaned up and explored inside. While exploring inside we had found some small mirror block, soft blocks, and drums. Which we all enjoyed before moving onto some craft. Miss Jess had some Special craft for Christmas for us to complete. We had lots of fun!

The benefits of painting are for children to express emotion and supports children with hand eye coordination. Also allowing children to focus on things that are in front of them and understanding the concept. Additionally, it encourages children to continue to explore and develop fine motor skills.

Miss Jess and Miss Otavia 😊