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Good afternoon families,

Despite these difficult times we are currently experiencing with COVID, we have absolutely cherished the time we have shared with your children this week! I also want to thank you all for being so wonderful and welcoming with me as the new lead in your children’s room.

We welcomed our friends Larsson and Dorijan, we moved into our room with Miss Crystal and shared lots of cuddles as she has missed us! We had musical instruments set up in the room as our friends have absolutely loved exploring anything that makes noise. Both Larsson and Dorijan had opportunity to self-select and explore toys and learning spaces based on their own individual interests, however both friends were gravitated towards the musical instrument learning space. Larsson had found the big, flat shaker drum and instantly began hitting it, as he listened to it make noise, he looked to Miss Crystal with a big smile as she cheered him on. Dorijan had found the ball shakers, this was immediately his go to, as not only did it make noise, but it was a “ball”, he told Miss Crystal, which has been an area of interest for Dorijan, so this new musical instrument was combining two of his favourite things! Larsson and Dorijan enjoyed each other’s company, they would often look to each other and smile and make noises towards each other, engaging in conversation. Soon enough after all the fun making music, it was time to do our nappies and have some morning tea time. We sat together at the table and enjoyed some delicious pumpkin, chia and apple waffles and some banana. Larsson enjoyed holding the banana and feeling it in his hands, while Dorijan enjoyed the waffle, both friends were encouraged to self-feed and did a great job at doing so. After morning tea, Larsson had his morning nap.

We did group time before lunch today outside with our friends from Babies Two and Babies Three, our group time was a science experiment and in honour of the Olympics we experimented by attempting to make the Olympic torch in a bottle. All our friends came together outside and watched eagerly as Miss Crystal poured oil into a bottle, then added some red food colouring. Each friend had a turn of shaking the bottle and observing what happens to the ingredients. We then passed it back to Miss Crystal and watched her add the coloured oil to another bottle which had water. This was very exciting and Larsson and Dorijan were very keen to hold the “torch”. We passed it around the group, while it is allowing our friends to experiment and observe the changes, it was also providing opportunity for our friends to practise sharing and turn taking skills. Both Larsson and Dorijan did an excellent job at listening to Miss Crystal and when she said “Tah!” they instantly passed it to another friend. This group time activity also provided opportunity for a new colour, red, to be introduced to our friends.

What a super fun day we have shared. Being very quiet has allowed for a lot of one-on-one time with our friends and engage in some meaningful learning opportunities. After morning tea, while Larsson was sleeping, Dorijan was able to explore the room and provide some child led learning opportunities. He walked over to the wall where our colour charts were and was studying them, Miss Crystal picked him up and asked him which colour he wanted, he looked for a moment then pointed to the green one. We took it off the wall and sat together on the mat, Miss Crystal would point to the pictures and say what they were, Dorijan liked the small frog on the chart, Miss Crystal asked him, “Dorijan where is the frog?”, he then was able to confidently point to the frog and try his best to say “frog” back. Dorijan enjoyed having one-on-one opportunity and enjoyed being challenged. He is beginning to develop an understanding and knowledge of colours and engaging in meaningful conversation and learning opportunities with his educator. When Larsson woke up, we were on the mat, and he found our small animal world. He made his way over and began playing with the small lion, moving it with his hands, Dorijan soon joined in the play. Dorijan found the hippopotamus and made a “roar” sound, engaging in imaginative play. Larsson then found the stones, he held them in his hands moving them around, he watched Dorijan pick up stones and tap them against each other, to Larsson’s surprise they made music like sound. He then began to tap his rocks together as well, Miss Crystal put on some music and they both tapped their rocks and dances with the music. The small animal world was great for encouraging cooperative play with one another and engage in verbal and non-verbal conversation with one another. Larsson did a great job holding his stones and tapping them, building his fine and gross motor strength as well as becoming familiar with different sounds and rhythms. During our play time inside we did some art which we are excited to display in our rooms. We have been exploring touch through a range of different textured activities. Today we had paper plates and using pom poms, Larsson and Dorijan were encouraged to dab paint from the paint bowl to the paper bowl. Then decorate with ribbon and paper, Dorijan enjoyed dabbing the paint and using all the colours as well as carefully placing the paper and ribbon on the bowl, taking his time, concentrating, and developing his fine motor and sensory skills. Next was Larsson’s turn, Miss Crystal demonstrated what to do, she placed the pom pom on the top of his paper bowl, he lifted it and moved it away and decided to paint with his hands instead, feeling the cold paint and studying it as it was on his hands. As he picked up some paper to stick on his bowl, he realised it was stuck to his hands, he demonstrated curiosity and persistence as he attempted to unstick it from his fingers. Outside, our small group of toddler friends, joined us for some play time. Larsson really enjoyed playing the musical instruments and showing off to our older friends, who were clapping for him. While Dorijan took turns playing on the see saw. Larsson also showed off his walking skills pulling himself up with a push toy, gaining balance and taking steps. WAHOO! Playing with our older friends is allowing us to develop nurturing relationships with each other and develop a sense of belonging and care for one another. It was a beautiful time together.

For Transition to lunch today we had a dance party outside with our friends from the toddler yard, before listening for our name and making our way inside with Miss Jin. Both friends have become very confident in recognising and responding to their names. Our friends all followed their own individual sleep routines as best as they could! We endeavour to follow each child’s home routine in whatever way we can. As the afternoon sets in, we will enjoy some indoor/outdoor play, having opportunity to play with what we choose before all coming inside when the weather becomes cool. Our friends really loved having the opportunity for one-on-one child led learning, building their sense of trust and security within their room and with Miss Crystal. We also loved playing with all our friends from the top building and showing nothing but love and respect for one another.

Our meals today were:
Morning Tea: pumpkin, chia and apple waffles with banana
Lunch: Loaded vegan butter chicken with turmeric rice, a side of chicken and fresh salad bar
Afternoon Tea: Mexi dip and tortilla chips with a side of fresh fruit

Have a lovely afternoon,

Lots of Love, Miss Crystal and Miss Gin xx

Please if you can either bring in or email a family photo that would be amazing. Thanks