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Good afternoon all lovely families,

Today we played in the side yard waiting for our friends to arrive. We had played with trucks, danced to come funky music, and then explored the jungle gym. Once all our friends arrived it was time to head inside.

We washed our hands and had some yummy morning eat with everyone. We had some yogurt with some fruit it was delicious!  We tried too use spoon ourselves. Was a little messy but we just need more practice. After we had finished morning tea it was time to explore outside and play with the sensory activities that Miss Jess had set up for the day.

While outside we got to explore the trucks, trollies, baby dolls and drums. While exploring outside we had a sensory activity that was setup with a mirror and paint. Children had the opportunity to mix and squish the paint together on the mirrors while there was glad rapped around the mirrors to create another texture for the children to touch. All the children were engaged with this activity and we will continue to work more on their sensory skills on Friday.

After having a fun time outside, it was time to head back inside for lunch. we washed our hands and sat at the table ready for lunch. We had some yummy toasties which filled our tummies. The afternoon was then followed by afternoon tea and to explore the outside. This time we will be doing some dancing and playing with puzzles and cars for the afternoon.

Much love Miss otavia and Miss Jess