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Good Morning and Happy Thursday

Today Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani welcomed, Jordan, Larsson, Dorijan, Zelia, and Grayson to Babies 2. After a little play exploring babies 2 and the home corner, we moved to our room to get ready for our day and begin our routines. Miss Shae joined us at 9am and Bentley arrived shortly after

For our group time today, the children sat on the mat with Miss Shae, and she sang “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes.” This song was great for the children’s body and facial recognition. We also sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. After singing, Miss Shae read “My First Animals” to the children. We looked at the Zebra, lion, Elephant, and Frog in the book. To finish our group time today, we sang “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” before going one by one to the table to clean our hands and sit down for lunch.

Today to continue with the NAIDOC week activities we continued with the sensory bag paintings we started earlier in the week. Miss T’arn gave each of the children a bag with paper and paint. We used the colours of the Aboriginal Flag, Red, Black, and Yellow. Bentley used his hands to squeeze the bag, pushing the paint inside all over the paper. Zelia used her fingers to push the paint and spread it across her piece of paper. Grayson got so excited when he seen the sensory was placed in front of him. He immediately grabbed the bag and was touching the paint through the sensory bag. Dorijan was very inquisitive about the sensory bag painting when Miss T’arn put it in front of him. He could see the paint through the bag but hesitated to touch it. Miss T encouraged him, and he poked the paint with one finger. When he realised it wasn’t making a mess on his hands, he was more excited about the experience and began to touch and push the paint. Jordan is really enjoying our group times now, happily joining in with the motion songs, grabbing and feeling the different textures on the pages and motioning as we sing along to twinkle twinkle clenching his fists in excitement as the lyrics are sung. After Larsson woke from his morning nap he sat down with Miss Shae to create his masterpiece, at first he was a bit hesitant with the looks of the activity but as soon as the Ziploc bag was in his fingertips, Larsson happily squished the bag until he was content and moved onto another activity. We are so glad that he has settled in so well within the room and is eager to form bonds with his new friends and educators.

Before lunch today we did our group time and transitioned to the table with bee bee bumble bee, once sat at the table we washed our hands with our wipes and ate lunch.

We look forward to playing outside this afternoon with our friends from B2 and B3 to do some climbing, riding bikes, pushing trollies, and playing with the musical instruments.

Love Miss Tárn and Miss Shae