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Good afternoon to all of our wonderful families! This morning as Zelia, Franka, Fletcher, Jordan, Dorijan and Bentley arrived they were greeted with big cuddles as they entered our room. We started our day exploring outdoors with our friends from babies two. As more of our friends arrived, we broke off into our own rooms and transitioned inside where we started our bedtimes. As we began to wake up, we enjoyed our delicious morning tea. Our friends absolutely loved self-feeding and getting all messy as they ate up the delicious food!

Today after lunch we came together outside on the mat, we sat beautifully in a circle as we copied Miss Crystal as she recited our Acknowledgement to Country. After this, we moved on to some singing of our favourite nursery songs as we have been loving singing and dancing. Miss Crystal sand ‘ABC’ and ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’. This is starting to introduce our friends not only to the alphabet but also beginning to recognise and point to different body parts. We copied Miss Crystal again, we will continue to sing this song as it will make us more confident in recognising our body parts.

Today we enjoyed lots of free movement between indoors and outdoors as we played in different learning spaces. Outside, Dorijan was engaging in risk play as he would carefully climb the ‘A’ frame, carefully moving up it one foot at a time, and balancing as he would try and go over the top to go down the other side. Franka had ventured outdoors and had found herself engaging in play with the walker, she would walk from one end of the outdoor yard to the other and would successfully walk around other objects. Zelia and Bentley are loving the green metal bridge outside, they practised their turn taking skills, as one at a time they would either cross the bridge or each go from each end and meet in the middle and engage in conversation and a giggle with one another. Jordan and Fletcher, inside had found their way over to the large wooden stacking rings, working cooperatively with one another they would try to lift the pieces one by one, they tried very hard with the bigger and heavier pieces, but this was a challenge so together they placed the pieces they had taken off back onto the ring.

Our friends all followed their own individual sleep routines as best as they could! We endeavour to follow each child’s home routine in whatever way we can. As the afternoon sets in, we will hopefully enjoy some more outdoor play before transitioning inside for the evening.This afternoon the children will have opportunity to engage in spontaneous play.

Much love,
Miss Crystal, Miss Shae and Miss Jin xxx