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Tuesday 10th March 2020.
Today we welcomed Alfie, Bentley, Edward, Miller and Oliver to babies one room today. This morning we enjoyed some time outside playing with bubbles with our friends from babies 3. 😊 We then came inside and some of our friends participated in some drawing in our floor book which was lovely. A big thank you to all our families that have completed and returned your developmental milestone goals for your children – we value your feedback. Please as Miss Kate or Miss Amanda if you need another slip, otherwise there are some spare ones next to the sign in sheets in our room. 😊
Alfie really enjoyed spending time at the musical table with his friend Miller this morning both of them enjoyed playing with the table, Alfie really seems to enjoy musical instruments or things he can make sounds on which is why the formula tins are another favourite of his. 😊

Bentley enjoyed some time outside this morning with Miss Gabi playing with bubbles and exploring all the textured matts outside. Bentley participated in drawing in our floor book today. 😊

Edward really enjoyed sitting on Miss Gabi’s lap while she blew bubbles for all of our friends before lunchtime. 😊

Miller enjoyed time at the musical table with her friend Alfie this morning, she then enjoyed some time outside with her friends from babies 3 all trying to catch the bubbles. Miller helped her friends and Miss Amanda and Miss Gabi draw on our floor book today she really enjoyed holding the pencils and trying to work out how they worked and with some assistance she managed to get pencil to paper.

Oliver loved some bubble time with Miss Gabi before lunch today, waving to all the bubbles as they popped. Oliver really enjoys home corner especially playing with the kitchen. He is becoming very confident at using the walker more and more. 😊

Thank you for a great day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Amanda. XX