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Good Afternoon lovely families,

Today on Tuesday we had a wonderful play outside as we waited for our friends to arrive. While they were all arriving, we were playing with the jungle gym, book, trucks, and some soft 3D shapes. It was a fun morning outside. Once Nash, Parker, Peyton, Charlie, Luna, Olive, Oliver, and Oskar arrived we went inside and washed our hands to get ready for morning tea.

After our tummies were all full it was time to explore inside. While exploring inside we had an intertest with puzzles, books, home corner, dolls, and trucks today. We enjoyed play with our toys and sharing with friends but during this time some of us were upset and needs a friend to comfort us. This made us happy again and excited to play.

While inside we also did some nature craft for Naidoc week. It was exciting to feel the sand, bark, leaves and flowers on the page as it was different textures for us to feel. This activity follows on from sensory play which was last week, and we all enjoyed those activities.

We will be continuing with activities for Naidoc week and we hope for parents to give their input to what they would like to see in the room for Naidoc week.

Miss Jess and Miss Otavia