Good afternoon everyone!!

Welcome to babies one. In the morning, we welcomed Olive, Nash, Charlie, Parker, Oliver and Oskar in the morning. We had such a great day today. We started the day exploring some indoor activities and enjoyed morning tea later. They loved the yummy fruits and the pancakes Mr.David made us today. Then we ventured some more indoor experiences such as explore the loose parts bascket, playing in the home corner, pretending like cooking and taking care of baby dolls. And of course we enjoyed reading some books in the morning for the book week. Today we chose to read some numbers, animals and fruits for while we were sitting on the mat.

Then Miss.Lilly and Miss.Hansani engaged with the children to do some painting for the book week. So, we made a tiny little book for each child with their hand print and name on it. We will be doing some more painting and drawing during the week. Nah and Oskar got their turn to make their book marks for the book week today. They loved to touch and mix the colours and put all the colours on the white pencil shape paper. Then we ventured some outdoor experiences before lunch time. Parker, Peyton, Charlie and Oliver enjoyed climbing on the obstacle courses in the babies outdoor yard. Oskar enojoyed playing with the soft blocks and Parker also joined with Oskar to play with the soft blocks and climb on it. Later, Parker and Peyton engaged enjoyed playing with the building blocks stacking the blocks one on one. 

Then we enjoyed yummy pasta, cheese and vegies for our lunch time. All our older babies were so confident to grab the chairs and sit at the table. Well done everyone. we had such a lovely day today.. The weather is also so good..

Enjoy the rest of the day…

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly   ❤💕❤