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Good afternoon families, today we welcomed our friends Zelia, Franka, Jordan, Matilda, Dorijan and Bentley with warm embrace by miss Shae and Miss Crystal inside our room. As our friends were dropped off and said farewell, we ventured outside onto the verandah to engage in some outdoor play in this beautiful weather. Jordan, Zelia, Bentley and Dorijan headed off for their photos and when they were done Jordan, Zelia and Matilda went down for their morning sleep. Franka, Bentley and Dorijan continued to play until our morning tea was delivered and we transitioned to morning tea.

For group time today we sat together on the mat outside in the beautiful weather and read a book called, ‘The Wonderful World of Peekaboo!’, it had different peekaboo places for us to explore and our friends enjoyed helping Miss Crystal flip them and seeing what was underneath. We then said our Acknowledgement to Country, listening to Miss Crystal carefully and copying her with the actions. When we were finished, it was time for lunch, we sang our transition song, ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’, and waiting to hear and recognise our names before venturing inside with Miss Jin and washing our hands and sitting down at the table for some delicious lunch! Today inside to continue with exploring our abilities in walking and sharing in our room with our friends. Both indoors and outdoors we had learning spaces set up and provided to encourage walking, sharing and turn taking also developing our fine and gross motor. Outside Bentley and Jordan were practising their sharing and turn taking skills as they would one by one crawl their way through the tunnel, laughing at Miss Shae who would meet them down the other end. Dorijan had found the bouncy cows and instantly climbed onto it, pulling it around the room making noises and laughing as he did it. Zelia and Matilda were loving practising their walking, pulling themselves up on the wooden climbing equipment and then letting go once they had their balance and beginning to walk with large smiles across their face. Franka loved the books, especially when we did the group time book, she enjoyed touching the different textured flips and seeing all the different hidden pictures.

This afternoon we will continue with our ice paintings, working on the sensory based learning and furthering their fine motor muscles. We will continue playing outside on the verandah until it begins to cool down and we head inside to play. The children have been happier and more engaged in activities initiated by the children and responded positively to the activities planned.

Have the best afternoon,
Much love, Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xxx