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Hello families

Welcome to babies one. Miss.Hansani welcomed Peyton, Miller, Charlie and Oliver in the morning with big cuddles. We had a such a great day in babies one today. we celebrated Charlie’s first birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE….

We started our day having morning tea and after that children have been choosing to explore indoor activities. Charlie, Miller and Peyton enjoyed playing together sharing toys. Oliver loved to play with balls where he found from the big basket. He was so excited to demonstrate his gross motor skills throwing the balls around the room.

Oliver had a nice time playing outdoor big toddler yard with babies two and babies three friends while the girls were sleeping. After having lunch, Miss. Lilly joined with the children to make cup cakes for Charlie’s birthday. It was nice to see that children enjoyed making cup cakes while following Miss.Lilly’s instructions.

Children have been choosing to play outside in the afternoon with all the friends from Babies rooms. Miller, Peyton and Oliver were so excited to play with their friends exploring all the activities we set up in outdoor yard such as soft blocks, building blocks, dolls, cars and push cows.

Have a lovely day…

Much love from Miss.Hansani