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Welcome to the babies one room

It has been an amazing day with our little four friends Miller ,Charlie, Peyton and Oliver. Miss. Hansani joined with babies one room as Miss. Kate’s day off today.

we started our day having some yummy fruits and yogurt in the morning to get some energy for our little bodies. Children have been choosing to spend their day exploring indoor activities most of the day. so we set up our indoor learning environment with

  • sensory bottles
  • puzzles
  • play dough
  • home corner
  • stacking rings
  • reading books

to develop their fine motor and gross motor skills. Oliver loved to engage with the dinosaur puzzle by matching the dinosaur shapes. This provides opportunities with develop and implement their fine motor skills during the play. Miller has been choosing to read some books with Miss Hansani while Charlie and Peyton enjoy shaking the sensory bottles. Then we transitioned into another sensory play which was play dough. it was nice to see that Charlie,Miller and Peyton loved to engage with playdough time as they can dvelop and implement their fine motor skills. Miller loved to make holes in the dough by using her fingers. Charlie and Peyton loved to watch rolling the playdough like a snake.

After the busy play, We had our big lunch with some fresh vegetables and a yummy noodle soup. Babies loved it. We have been developing our self-help skills during the meal time. children were so excited to use spoons to feed themselves with the support from Miss. Hansani. It was grate to see their interest on developing the self-help skills.

we will be exploring our outdoor yard in the afternoon as our children love to demonstrate their gross motor skills. we will be enjoying the sand pit, filling the sand into the buckets using shovels and pushing the trucks around the yard soon.

have a lovely day

Much love from Miss. Hansani