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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies one. Today we welcomed Nash, Oskar, Olive, Peton, Olive, Charlie, Luna and Parker in the morning. Shayaan spent his day in Babies two today with Miss.T’arn. we started the day exploring outdoor activities in the morning. children enjoyed climbing and engage with the obstacle courses in the outdoor yard.

After the busy morning we enjoyed morning tea with some yummy cakes and fresh fruits. Then we spent the rest of the day exploring indoor activities as it’s getting too hot outside. After the morning tea, we engaged with a nice painting session. So, we used pink and yellow colours and feathers instead of paint brushes to do the painting. Lunch time…. We sung our favourite songs while we were waiting for our lunch and enjoyed lots of fresh vegetables and some noodles for lunch.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed doing free play allowing all the babies to choose their favourite activities. Babies have been choosing to play in their favourite home corner, play with the baby dolls, explore the sensory bottles and read some book all afternoon.

We encourage all children to be dressed in blue for Wednesday the 18th of November as it’s a staff member’s last day to which she is off to have a baby boy and we wish to celebrate throughout the centre.

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess