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Welcome to Babies One. This morning, Miss. Otavia and Miss. Lara welcomed Jordan, Fletcher, Franka, Chester, Dorijan and Bentley with big cuddles. This morning we all spent some time in the yard waiting for all our friends arrive. Franka and Chester enjoyed climbing on the wooden climbing frames and Jordan, Bentley and Fletcher loved to play with the music table and balls. Then we all moved to inside the room to have our delicious morning tea.

Once having morning tea, we let the children exploring the room and the yard choosing their favorite toys. Jordan was having fun playing with the balloon that flew from Toddler’s yard. Chester went for a little ride with his bike and Fletcher showed his talent with music again. Dorijan spent a lot of time with the lawn mower going all around. Afterwards, we all washed our hands to enjoy the lunch which was Scrumptious Greek Spanakopita Parcels, and the children absolutely loved the food.

This afternoon, we also enjoyed a group time with Miss Otavia where she did a Fingers Puppet show for the children. We sang “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” rhyme and the children had a lot of fun trying to grab the animals. This a great way to encourage language into our classroom. After our afternoon tea we all went outside to explore the yard and wait for our parents.

Thank you all for an amazing day, and do not forget tomorrow is WEAR ORANGE DAY!!

♥ Much Love, Miss Otavia and Miss Lara ♥