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We have had a great day in our babies room. Miss Otavia and Miss T’arn got a little ahead and thought it was World Ocean Day this week!! So we have saved our World Ocean Day activities for next week and are continuing activities for Reconciliation Week that ends on Thursday! Today we did some Aboriginal Flag Hand Paintings with the children. This was a great sensory and textural activity for the babies to be able to feel the paint in their hands and fingers. Some of the children just watched as we put the paint on their hands whilst others were laughing and squeezing their hands into a fist as the paint was cold and ticklish for them.

We put our new spinning toys onto the window that Miss Nads brought in for us to explore. The children have really gravitated to them and really enjoy spinning them and watching as they spin round and round. We also enjoyed some free play outside this morning, where the children enjoyed exploring and finding their favourite activities and seeing their toddler friends and siblings through the fence.

Sorry, no photos again today 🙁

Thank you for a great day!

Have a great evening!

♥ Much Love Always, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥