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Good afternoon families!

“Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves!” – Stephen Moss

What a fun day today has been! We welcomed Franka, Dorijan, Bentley and Fletcher into the Babies One room. We all enjoyed some morning tea, which was delicious apple, chia and date pancakes, a fruit puree and fresh banana. Our friends did an excellent job using their self feeding skills, carefully moving the spoon from their bowls to their mouths. We are really seeing our friends become more and more confident each meal time as their fine motor muscles strengthen and they understand how to use their spoons. After morning tea we all moved to the room next door with our friends from the other rooms for a very exciting show!

Miss Lea, one of our wonderful educators has a special business called ‘BugKidz’, she does a fantastic puppet show on all different insects and then follows with a demonstration on real insects, some of the insects she had were large grasshoppers, stink bugs and snails. Dorijan, Fletcher and Bentley absolutely loved the show, they were intrigued throughout it and wouldn’t take their eyes off Miss Lea and the show! After the show, we all headed back to our rooms, Miss Lea made the rounds so each room could see the insects up close. Fletcher and Dorijan were awake at the time and enjoyed watching the snails move about and watched a grasshopper hop across the room. Thanks Miss Lea for such a fun morning!

We did some rainbow bubble wrap painting to continue our exploration of sensory play and interest in messy play. The activity was a hit and our friends enjoyed feeling the bubble wrap and watching the paint squish as they pushed down on the bubble wrap. Miss Shae even showed our friends what sound the bubble wrap makes when you press it, our friends thought it was pretty cool! We also had a baby bathing activity set up using warm soapy water and dolls and role playing washing them in the bath using a tub. Franka was immediately excited with this activity as she has really been enjoying playing with the dolls and role playing with them. She enjoyed playing with the water and using the cloth to wash down the babies. We also enjoyed some spontaneous play, some of the things our friends have enjoyed playing with today was the babies, small plastic balls, push toys and stacking rings. Our friends have also been very vocal making noises towards one another.

Before lunch we did group time, we said our acknowledgement to country before singing ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’, listening for our names and making our way to the table. We continued our self feeding skills and absolutely loved our lunch. For todays lunch we enjoyed Supercharged Spaghetti Bolognese with a fresh side of salad.

This afternoon we will enjoy some play outdoors before we come inside when it is cool.

Have a lovely afternoon

lots of love

Miss Crystal, Miss T’arn and Miss Shae xxx