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Good afternoon to all our families! This morning our friends Matilda, Fletcher, Grayson, Zelia, Dorijan, Franka and Bentley were greeted with a big cuddle and a ‘Good morning’. We enjoyed some free play in the classroom until Miss Crystal arrived. Once Miss Crystal arrived, we changed our nappies and said good night to Fletcher, Zelia and Charles as they went down for their morning sleep. Dorijan and Franka went to Babies Three for their transition day. Matilda, Bentley and Grayson enjoyed some morning tea and as our other friends would wake, they would join everyone else for morning tea.

Our group times today consisted of a lot of movement songs, encouraging the group to mirror each move sung by educators. We sang, ABC, Open Shut Them, Old Macdonald had a Farm. We then recited our Acknowledgement to Country, paying our respects to the Yugambeh People. Today we enjoyed a lot of play time outside in the verandah area, enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather. We had a few learning spaces set up for our friends based on their interests, climbing equipment, books and the beloved tunnel. We loved exercising and moving our bodies in complex and challenging ways as we attempted to climb the ladder frame and as we walked over the bridge. We also loved playing peek-a-boo as we made our way through the tunnel. The climbing equipment and tunnel also provided opportunity to enhance our gross motor skills, build our confidence and take turns ne become aware of fairness with our friends. Our book area was enjoyed as a more quiet space to have down time with our educators, flip and look through the books while also having stories read to us.

This afternoon we will be venturing back outside and engaging in more child led play. When it cools down we will then combine in babies two room with all of our friends before getting collected for the evening.

Have a lovely afternoon,
Much love,
Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xx