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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies one. Today we welcomed Oliver, Oskar, Parker, Luna, Olive and Charlie in the morning. we started our day exploring some indoor activities such as puzzles and sensory bottles. Charlie loved playing with the baby dolls in the home corner while Olive and Parker were playing in the kitchen corner. Oskar’s very excited to crawl all around the room and explore the different kids of toys that we have. He loves the little animals with the wheels and the sensory bottles. Luna enjoyed stacking rings and reading a book with full of animal pictures. Oliver started to point at the chalk board saying ‘’Drawing’’ so, we did a free drawing session on the chalk board using few different colourful chalks.

After enjoying the morning tea, we explored some outdoor activities allowing children to develop and implement their gross motor skills. Children loved engaging with the obstacle courses and the climbing beams. It was so much fun. We watched the horses over the fence too.

Have a lovely day…