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In the Morning Miss Mel and Miss Otavia welcomed our friends, Jordan, Fletcher, Franka, and Bentley. When Miss T’arn arrived at 8:15 she was greeted with big cuddles from Jordan and a huge smile from Bentley who was across the room showing everyone how good he his crawling has gotten. When Miss Lauren started, she helped Miss T’arn to take Babies One children to their room to start their morning routines. Dorijan joined us followed by Miss Shae at 9:00am.

Dorijan watched as Miss T’arn selected some books before sitting on the mat and inviting our friends to sit down. Dorijan self- selected a book he wanted to read and handed it to Miss T’arn. The book he chose was “Over the Moon.” Dorijan, Franka, Jordan, and Bentley were so excited to look at the book as Miss T’arn was reading. They came up nice and close to touch the book, making cooing sounds. After reading the story Miss T’arn began to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” “If you’re happy and you know it” & “open shut them.” The children danced and smiled along to Miss T’arn’s singing. We did some Facial feature recognition, the same as yesterday. “Eyes, ears, mouth & nose.” Our friends just watched as Miss T’arn pointed to each feature. Before heading to the table for lunch we sang “Bee Bee Bumble Bee.” The children do not know how to say their names yet, by doing this everyday it helps with language and name recognition.

While Jordan, Bentley, & Franka were having their morning naps, Fletcher and Dorijan had some morning tea together at the table with Miss Shae whilst Miss T’arn set up our yard for some fun experiences today. After they were all cleaned up and ready to explore, Dorijan and Fletcher came outside with Miss T’arn to see what activities were set up today. There was some climbing equipment, a small world set up with some dinosaurs, a nice quiet mat with pillows and books and on the table was a strainer, pipe cleaners, and a whisk filled with Pompoms. Dorijan came over to see what was set up at the table, Miss T’arn demonstrated how to use the pipe cleaners and poking it through the holes in the strainer, he got the pipe cleaner and went to push it into the strainer before pulling it away and giving a cheeky smile. He repeated this a few times before watching Fletcher pull the pompoms out of the whisk using his fingers. Both Fletcher and Dorijan liked the whisk activity, using their thumb and index fingers to pull the pompoms out of the whish and push them back in, working their Fine Motor Skills. Bentley and Jordan woke not long after we had ventured back inside. They enjoyed this activity in the floor inside the classroom. Bentley unsure what to do with the pipe cleaners and strainer, began to hit the strainer on the floor, making his own music. Jordan liked to pull the pompoms out of the whisk, like Dorijan and Fletcher, using his fingers to pull them out. Franka enjoyed this activity after lunch when some of her friends went down for their 2nd sleeps. She was able to push the pipe cleaner into the strainer and had great concentration when doing so. She also liked to push and pull the pompoms from the whisk. This was a great Fine Motor Skills activity that we look forward to revisiting again soon to see our development. The children also enjoyed exploring the climbing equipment and playing with the dinosaurs and pushing the cars outside.

Have a great evening!!

♥ Much Love Always, Miss T’arn and Miss Shae ♥