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Hey families, hope you have all had a beautiful day!

This morning as our friends Fletcher, Franka, Zelia, Dorijan, Jordan, Charles and Bentley arrived to kindy they were welcomed by Miss Shae and Miss Crystal in our babies’ room, greeting us with warm cuddles and a lot of smiles as we begin our fun filled day with loads of laughter and love. We couldn’t wait to start our day and have fun with all the toys and do messy art play. In our room we enjoyed spontaneous play, allowing us to self-select what we wanted to play with. Fletcher and Charles both played together with the coloured rings we have set up for the Olympics. They would make noises towards one another while holding up the ring that they were holding. Dorijan and Bentley enjoyed building their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills by placing the rings on the stacking tower. They both used their concentration and determination to get the rings on and when they did they would smile or clap at themselves. Zelia was intrigued by the activity table and coloured posters, she would pull herself into a standing position and explore the different areas of the activity, which involved flipping the book pages and numbers, also furthering her fine and gross motor skills and allowing her to strengthen her balance ready for walking. Jordan, enjoyed playing on the mat and playing with the rattle ring stick, turning it upside down and watching as the rings would move from one end to the other. Soon enough after all the busy playing we got stuck into our bedtime routines and morning tea.

We did group time before lunch today as all of our friends were awake, we came together on the mat and Miss Crystal said our acknowledgement to country. While she did the movements to the acknowledgement to country, our friends would watch and copy. We all loved “reaching up to the sky for the Yugambeh people”. After our acknowledgement to country we sang, ‘ABC’, as this has been a song Franka has been singing. We also sang, ‘I can sing a rainbow’, continuing our learning of colours. After singing these favourite songs of ours, we sang ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’. We listened very carefully for our names and when we had heard them and recognised them we moved onto washing our hands and sitting at the table for lunch.

After lunch we ventured outside to engage in some child led play and our bean bag games. We really enjoyed self-selecting what we wanted to play with, allowing us to feel valued and allow for our educators to observe and learn our interests and abilities. Dorijan was drawn to the coloured sensory bottles, picking them up and shaking them, watching as the water would move around inside it. He then would one by one carry them over to the fence and drop them on to the other side, clapping and acknowledging his achievements. Dorijan also found a football, he walked over to Miss Crystal and showed her, “Ball! Ball!”, he would say with excitement. Bentley and Charles had found their way to our toy crate, both pulling themselves up with it to their feet and side by side they were looking through to find a toy that was of interest to them. Bentley found a rattle, he held it in his hand shaking it and showing Charles himself shaking it, he was giggling as he was doing it. Charles began to look through again and found a book, he then sat down looking through the book. He was making sounds as he would read, almost as if he was telling the story based on his interpretation. Fletcher has become very confident in his walking, he enjoyed moving around the yard and climbing on the wooden climbing equipment. He would walk over the bridge, holding on to its side for support before moving on to the small stairs. He would crawl onto one then stand up, get his balance, then try to step onto the next one, however he found this difficult, so he went back to crawling over it.

For our art activity today, we created a group collaborative collage using our feet and paint, we also explored our sense of touch using a different body part, today being our feet. We had bubble wrap on the floor with different colours on it, our friends were supported and guided as their feet were placed down onto the paint on the bubble wrap. Charles, Bentley and Fletcher enjoyed feeling the paint between their toes and hearing the bubble wrap pop underneath them before practising their walking on to the paper to create the collage. However, Franka and Dorijan were a little unsure at the paint and only wanted to stand on the paint for a short period of time. This activity was great as an extension to yesterdays ‘International Day of Friendship’ as we created a group artwork. It also enhanced gross motor strength in our legs allowing us to be more confident with standing and walking. It also introduced us to new textures and feelings with a different body part which is sensitive. This week is ‘Early Learning Matters Week’, focusing on all things developmental. Today’s focus was Transporting, for example moving or carrying things from one place to another. So using small bean bags, as an extension to Dorijan’s interest in throwing balls, we had them in a hoop, our friends were encouraged to pick them up and move them over to the other hoop and place them in it. We were also encouraged to throw the bean bags from one spot and aim to landing it in the hoop. Not only is this problem solving, gross motor and hand-eye coordination it also building our friends confidence in engaging in more complex learning experiences.

As the afternoon sets in, we will enjoy some indoor/outdoor play, having opportunity to play with what we choose before all coming inside when the weather becomes cool. Today’s meals;
Morning Tea: Apple, Chia and Date Pancakes with Apple Berry Compote and Banana
Lunch: Supercharged Spaghetti Bolognase and Fresh Salad Bar
Afternoon Tea: Organic Pumpkin and Choc Chip Cookies and Fresh Fruit

Have a lovely afternoon,
Lots of Love,
Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xx