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♥Good Afternoon Friends and Families ♥

Today in Babies One the children initiated and joined in play experiences both indoors and out.

We were greeted today by Miss Shae then Miss Narni.

Our friends had fun using their sensory capabilities to explore and respond to their outside environment, climbing over the bridges, Climbing frames, having fun balls and pushing the balls with their hands and feet looking through the books.

Fletcher, Matilda, Bentley, Zélia and Jordan transitioned inside by washing their hands and listening to Educators sing a “Wash your Hands” song, encouraging them to actively participate in their Hygiene skills.

After our friends transitioned inside, we engaged in a spontaneous Music and Movement Group time. We sang songs and danced moving our bodies to the beat, that educators vocalise. The children had so much fun engaging in learning relationships whilst freely expressing themselves, through Movement.

Miss Narni used Intentional teaching to scaffold our Music and Movement learning, by showing us a Woodwind instrument called a Piccolo. Miss Narni played a few tunes for us. The Piccolo had gold keys, a gold Mouthpiece and a Black wooden Body. Miss Narni verbally communicated to our friends what the colours were, exploring our colours.  Miss Shae, Jordan, and Bentley actively listened to the calming, smooth sound that came from the Piccolo. Bentley and Jordan appeared very interested in the sound coming from the instrument, through their open eyes and smiles. Zélia, Fletcher and Matilda, further explored the instrument using their sensory skills touching and feeling and pushing the Golden keys. All our friends followed and extended their own interest in music with enthusiasm, curiosity, and concentration with other instruments in the room.

For the rest of the week our friends will have the Piccolo played during transition times to holistically encourage our current interest in Music and the Creative arts.

Warm hugs from Miss Narni and Miss Shae xx