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In the Morning Miss Mel, Miss Danica, and Miss Hansani welcomed Jordan, Grayson, Bentley to the B2 room. The children enjoyed exploring B2 until Miss T’arn arrived at 8:15 when we decided to head to our classroom to start our day and get ready for our morning nap. Once we got into our room, Dorijan joined us, ready for a good day and with a big smile.

For our group time today, Miss Shae sat the children at the table before lunch and sang “Open shut them” “twinkle twinkle little star” and “5 cheeky monkeys.” The children were smiling and bouncing with excitement during this time. Miss Shae also sang “Bee Bee bumble bee” before placing the child’s plate in front of them. The children have really begun to recognise the songs we are singing and react with excitement. Miss T’arn had some 1:1 moments with the children today and sung “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” pointing to them on each child. Bentley, Jordan, and Dorijan really enjoyed doing this with Miss T’arn.

This week we are extending on our sensory and Fine Motor activities as we feel the children really enjoyed this last week. Miss T’arn and Miss Shae have planned so many different sensory and Fine Motor experiences for the children this week. Today we did an activity which focused on the children sense of taste. We filled the container with water and added some sliced lemon, lime, and orange. The children were able to touch and feel this activity but were also able to taste it. Jordan was the first one to the activity. He put his hands straight into the water and pulled out a piece of lime. He was squeezing the lime in his hands before putting it in his mouth to taste. He didn’t even make a face when he tasted it, he just continued to eat it. Grayson was the next one in there. He went straight for the slices and put them into his mouth straight away, sucking the juices out. Bentley enjoyed splashing and playing in the water, he even tried to lay down in there before picking up a piece of lemon and putting it in his mouth. Bentley made a funny face when he tasted the sour lemon. Dorijan watched as his friends played in the water and tasted the citrus fruits. He started to put his foot in the water and then smile. He continued to do this with a big smile on his face. Foot in and out of the water.

Have a great evening!

♥ Much Love Always, Miss T’arn and Miss Shae ♥