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Hello families

Welcome to babies one for another beautiful day. Miss.Hansani welcomed Charlie, Miller, and Oliver in the morning with big warm cuddles. We had such a wonderful day here in babies one as we explored different kind of experiences during the day.

We started our day having morning tea and decided to spend all morning inside. Children enjoyed puzzles, train tracks, stacking rings puppets and home corner in the morning. Oliver and Miller were so excited to play with the trains. Miss.Hansani helped children to build the tracks and then they enjoyed pushing the little trains on the tracks. It was Oliver’s favourite activity today. Charlies enjoyed stacking the rings as she found a big basket with full of colourful rings.

Oliver had a such a grate time playing in the toddler yard today with babies two and babies three friends while Miller and Charlie having their morning naps. Oliver was so excited to play around the toddler yard while exploring new challenging experiences with his friends. Charlie and Miller engaged with a puzzle time in the afternoon as the love to implement their fine motor skills. They chose a puzzle with dinosaurs as their favourite puzzle. This gave them opportunities to develop their fine motor skills, thinking and problem-solving skills.

We will be exploring some more outdoor experiences in the afternoon such as sand pit, soft blocks, big floor puzzles, trucks and dolls.

Have a lovely day

Much love from Miss.Hansani ….