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Hi friends,

This morning we welcomed our friends Zelia and Bentley. To start our morning our friends enjoyed some cuddles and playing in the babies two room with Miss Hansani and Miss Denise. They enjoyed playing with the small people and their homes, as they were small enough for them to grip and move around. They also enjoyed playing with the home corner, engaging in play with one another and our friends from babies two. When Miss Crystal and Miss Shae arrived, we made our way to our room. Once we went into our room all of our friends had a nappy change, bottle and went down for their first sleeps.

We did group time before lunch today; we were on the mat outside together. Miss Crystal said our acknowledgement to country while she did the movements, our friends would watch and copy. We really enjoy moving our bodies and today we loved having Miss Crystal help us to “touch our hearts”, Bentley enjoyed putting his arms in the air and “reaching up to the sky”. After our acknowledgement to country we sang ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’. We listened very carefully for our names and when we had heard them and recognised them, very excitedly Miss Shae gave us our food. We enjoyed a very calming, child led day. We only had two friends for the rest of the day, so we allowed opportunity for one-on-one engagement and spontaneous play. Inside Bentley enjoyed exploring and engaging with the shapes puzzles, using his grip and fine motor muscles he would lift the shaped ring and move it around until it fit on the correct shape. He was quite intrigued by the puzzles and enjoyed having the challenge to do it. He took his time with this activity and spent some time on it as it had captured his interest. Once he was finished playing with the puzzle he moved onto the musical instruments, in particular the egg shakers. Bentley held an egg shaker in each hand and shook them as he giggled. To extend on the rooms interest in the musical instruments and songs we put on some nursery rhymes and shook the eggs to the music while bopping and dancing. Outside Charles enjoyed standing and playing with the activity table, moving the beads around and spinning them, he would look at Miss Shae for acknowledgement on his achievements. Bentley has shown interest to enhance his balancing and become confident in walking, providing the push toys has become a favourite of Bentleys as it allows him to explore this interest and feel supported. He would pull himself into a standing position and once he had his balance, he would slowly take a small step. We have also enjoyed just playing with our friends from babies two outside.

As the afternoon sets in, we will enjoy some indoor/outdoor play, having opportunity to play with what we choose before all coming inside when the weather becomes cool.


Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xx