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Tuesday 3rd March 2020.


Today we welcomed Six beautiful babies into babies one we had Alfie, Bella, Oliver, Miller, Olive and Bentley. We started our morning off with our acknowledgement of country which is always a favourite. Today we did some free painting practicing pencil grip skill. We also played with some loose parts and new textured materials practicing our hand and eye co-ordination, concentration and using our imagination to play and create. We all enjoyed some of our favourite nursery rhymes throughout the day with “twinkle twinkle little star” “Incy wincy spider” and “BaBa black sheep”. 😊

Lunch was quite the hit today with all the children really enjoying it, some are practicing spoon feeding themselves and some are enjoying finger food type foods. 😊

You will see in our room the sign up sheet for our parent/educator night on Monday the 9th of march from 4:30pm in the Babies One room. If you wish to attend please place your family name on the sign up sheet. We hope to see some of you there 😊

Alfie is becoming more and more chatty each day and we are encouraging his babble by trying to repeat what it is we think he is trying to tell us. He has become more confident on his feet pulling himself to standing and crawling much quicker.


Bella did some beautiful painting today with Bentley which she loved, she enjoyed painting her hands more than the paper but her hand eye coordination is getting much better each time. Bella loved playing with our new textured materials Miss Kate bought in today.

Oliver has practiced and accomplished his waving today and did it with such excitement and confidence which is so great to see him meeting and exceeding all his milestones. Oliver really likes our indoor walkers and is beginning to push them around the room as he gets a little closer to walking.


Miller loved playing with our loose parts this morning exploring freely and using her imagination. Millers strength is building each and every day and she is becoming more and more confident at pulling herself up to standing giving me huge smiles and squeals of excitement every time she has done this to let me know she did it.

Olive is responding nicely to her new environment and settling in so well. She really likes being in the swing playing “peek a boo” giving Miss Amanda lots of smiles as she did this. She also likes when she is laying under the jungle gym playing with the hanging toys and all her friends come and sit around her and make her smile.


Bentley really enjoyed doing some painting today with Bella using some red and purple paints which was a huge hit. Bentley loved playing with our new textured materials with Miss Gabi today. Bentley loved playing with the little trains today looking everywhere for “more” as he said “more” walking around the room.


Thank you for another wonderful day

Much Love Miss Amanda and Miss Kate XoX