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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies one. Today olive, Oskar, Parker, Nash, Oliver, Luna and Charlie had such an amazing time in babies one today. We spent most of the day exploring indoor activities today. After we washing our hands we enjoyed some yummy morning tea.

Then we sat down in the book corner and read some books including ‘’How I love you daddy, When the snow comes and funny faces’’. Then we continued doing our Christmas collage using tinsels, Glitter and shredded papers. When the lunch time comes, we washed our hands again and sat down at the table nicely. All the kids sung ‘’the wheels on the bus’’ song while Miss.Hansani was dishing up the food.

Then we all had a good sleep after lunch and started to explore some more indoor experiences in the afternoon. We enjoyed playing with the indigenous music instruments, squeeze the soft blocks, shake the sensory bottles, puppets and stacking rings.

Have a lovely day..

Much love From Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess