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Good Morning and happy Tuesday

Boy we are glad to have everyone back this week!
This morning as our friends Zelia, Jordan, Franka, Matilda, Fletcher and Dorijan arrived to kindy as Our friends were welcomed in with a lot of cuddles as we enjoyed some child led spontaneous play outside with our friends from Babies Two and Babies Three. Miss T’arn even came up and gave all our friends a big cuddle as she has really missed us! Outside we enjoyed playing with the activity tables and climbing on and through the wooden climbing equipment taking turns with our friends. Our group time today consisted of us sitting as a group with our friends from babies two and three, Franka had brought in a story book that she couldn’t wait to show off to her friends. The story book was called, “Hello Baby Faces”. This story was a fun engaging way to introduce emotions and recognising emotions ourselves and on others through facial recognition. Our friends absolutely loved this story book and were engaged as we explored the many faces on the babies. Soon both Miss Shae and Miss Crystal were here, and we all began to break off into our separate rooms. As our morning progressed and our friends were getting ready to split up and we headed to our room to have some morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Crystal had added to our small world learning space, adding some coloured pasta to resemble grass and chickpeas to resemble rocks, not only to allow our friends to understand different environments through play but also exploring imaginative play through hands on sensory play. Some of our friends were really drawn to this learning experience, in particular Fletcher and Dorijan, they enjoyed picking up the chickpeas and holding them between their pointer finger and thumb and squeezing them until they popped. They giggled as they would squeeze and pop the chickpeas. This play space was great for allowing the children to use and strengthen their fine motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination. It also encouraged them to develop positive relationships with other children through shared interests and non-verbal communication. During child led and self-select play outside, Matilda was drawn to the activity table. Matilda has demonstrated her interest in standing and taking steps, this table was a great item that allowed her to pull herself up into a standing position to strengthen gross motor and balance, as she became confident she would reach to Miss Crystal for support and take some steps while holding on to Miss Crystals hands. Jordan had found the small plastic balls and would pick them up and through them up in the air and laugh as the would fall onto the ground. He would clap for himself, demonstrating his ability to recognise his achievements and share them with others. Franka absolutely loved playing on the see saw, sitting on one side while her friends took turns sitting on the other end and making it move. She was laughing the whole time, before moving onto her love of dolls, she had found one nearby and couldn’t resist providing her nurturing love and nature and role playing by giving cuddles, patting its back, and rocking.

For our transitions to mealtimes today we sung Bee Bee Bumble Bee to continue with our learning and recognition of not only our own names but our body parts too. Our friends all followed their own individual sleep routines as best as they could! We endeavour to follow each child’s home routine in whatever way we can. As the afternoon sets in, we will enjoy some indoor/outdoor play, having opportunity to play with what we choose before all coming inside when the weather becomes cool. We have enjoyed having all our friends back this week and have loved exploring our new learning activities that have continued our interests.

Have a lovely afternoon,
Miss Crystal and Miss Shae