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Good Afternoon lovely families,

Today for our first day back we welcomed our babies and combined babies one and  Babies Two. Today was a wonderful first day back for all our friends. Valencia from Babies two, Oskar and Chester from babies one got to explore all the new toys and the new setup to the room.

kids had started the morning by having some yummy morning tea. They enjoyed the morning tea once they were full it was time to explore the room. while exploring the room Valencia had found the amazing sensory bottles that Miss Hansani had made for the room. some were full of glitter, tinsel, plastic bugs, colourful sticks, and paper. She also enjoyed exploring home corner as it allowed her to express emotions, dramatic play and act out scenarios. Oskar and Chester loved playing with the soft blocks and stacking rings. After exploring the room, it was time to adventure outside and play with some of our friends. Whilst outside we explored the cars and slides but also had some fun popping some bubbles. After have, some fun outside it was time to head inside for some lunch.

We encourage all families to bring in a family photo as we can add this photo to the family tree which will be displayed in the room.

have a lovely day