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Good afternoon families! This morning, our friends were greeted with lots of cuddles by Miss Crystal and Miss Shae as we said good morning to Oliver, Matilda, Grayson, Jordan, Bentley, Thomas, Shayaan and Dorijan! We enjoyed some spontaneous play in our room as we begun our morning routine of changing nappies and putting some of our friends down for a morning sleep. We said good night to Jordan, Matilda, Thomas, Oliver and Grayson while Dorijan, Shayaan and Bentley enjoyed some delicious morning tea together. While all sitting at the table together our friends would make sounds towards one another engaging in conversation. After out other friends began to wake, they too enjoyed some morning tea/bottles.

Today after lunch we came together outside on the mat, group time was a little more relaxed and to the children’s interests, so today we blew bubbles, chased them together and tried to pop them. We also sang, “Tiny Turtle”, which involves us spreading our arms out wide to create a big bubble, then clapping very big to represent it popping. We had so much fun!

Today we enjoyed lots of free movement between indoors and outdoors as we played in different learning spaces. Our learning spaces have been set up at the end of each day to cater to each child’s interests and abilities, so for today we had our climbing area set up outside, our stacking rings and pegs and peg board set up for furthering our fine motor, gross motor and developing our cognitive development. We also had the push toys and the activity centres accessible to continue promoting walking and standing and working on our balance. Jordan and Shayaan both spent time with the pegs and peg board at different times, both concentrating as Jordan would place them in each hole/spot, however, Shayaan would stack them on top of one another and then laugh as he knocked it over. Bentley and Grayson both had taken an interest to the push toy today, we practised our turn taking and sharing skills as they each would have a turn then move back so the other friend could have a turn. Thomas loved being outdoors, he enjoyed the sunshine and the fresh air and when we were inside he would practise his tummy time, strengthening his neck strength. Matilda enjoyed playing with the activity centre, she had taken quite an interest to this and often likes to explore it while practising her walking skills around it using it as support. Dorijan enjoyed running around outside and had found a ball which he was excited to tell both Miss Crystal and Miss Shae, “BALL! BALL! BALL!”. He would practise his throwing skills. Oliver has become a bit of a risk taker, he would venture to the bridge with the ‘A’ frame then pulling himself into a standing position and then trying to climb up on the ‘A’ frame.

What a super fun day we have had!

Much love,
Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xxx