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Good afternoon everybody!

What a beautiful day we have shared! We started our morning with Zelia in the Babies 2 room with Miss Hansani and Miss T’arn before moving to our room and slowly welcoming Shayaan, Bentley and Oliver. We enjoyed playing in our room and exploring our environment and toys. Soon after some fun, it was time for all our friends to have their first sleep. While our friends were sleeping Jordan joined us and we were loving the snuggles. As our friends started waking we had some delicious morning tea. For morning tea we enjoyed Organic Fruit Toast and Delicious Triple Berry Coconut Jelly and Bananas.

Following on from morning tea we engaged in some indoor/outdoor play, inside Zelia was playing with the toy cars, moving them around using her hands, building her fine motor and exploring her curiosity and interest. Bentley loved playing with the xylophone, giggling as he hit it and realised it made sounds. Oliver has started CRAWLING! yaaay. He spent most of his day crawling around and just enjoying exploring his environment. Shayaan and Jordan enjoyed playing with the egg shaker, holding it firmly in their hands and shaking it to hear it make noise!

Soon we all went outdoors to engage in a sensory activity building on yesterday’s paint activity and the previous sensory focused activities we have done. we used spaghetti dyed blue. All our friends absolutely LOVED touching the spaghetti, feeling its stickiness in their hands, pulling it apart and eating it. This activity has lots of benefits to the children’s development as it not only is introducing textures and exploration of their senses it helps build their fine and gross motor skills, allows opportunity to explore their curiosity and engage in meaningful activities with the other children and form relationships with them.

Before moving onto lunch, we came together for group time. With Miss Crystal, we said our acknowledgement together before singing ‘open, shut them’, everyone did a great job at sitting for group time and being engaged. to transition to lunch we sang ‘bee bee bumble bee’ and waited for our name before going to the table. We are doing really well to recognising our names and responding when we hear them. For lunch today we enjoyed Sticky Thai Vegie Balls and Sesame Chicken Noddle Salad with a fresh salad bar. Everyone did a great job at holding their spoons and self feeding today!

For afternoon tea we will enjoy bumbleberry Crumble Bar and fruit before heading outdoors.

Have a lovely afternoon,

Miss Crystal, Miss T’arn and Miss Shae xxx