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Hey there families!

Let’s start today’s blog with something a little fun!

“The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable!” – Lane Olinghouse

To the exciting stuff we got up too today! All our friends came around similar times this morning. Miss Crystal and Miss T’arn welcomed each friend with a snuggle, we said good morning to Zelia, Bentley, Grayson, Oliver and Shayaan. We enjoyed some free play in our room, our friends are all on the move way one way or another and are enjoying being able to move around and have choose and initiate play. We have particularly loved playing with the yellow sensory tray and colour sensory wall. Soon enough it was morning tea time, we sat together at the table and did group time, we said our acknowledgement to country. We then ate our morning tea, our friends really enjoyed using their self feeding and self selecting skills. For morning tea we enjoyed Organic Fruit Toast and Delicious Triple Berry Coconut Jelly with a side of pear, banana and mandarin.

After morning tea, most of our friends were getting ready for their first sleeps. Before we went to bed we did a super fun, sensory and engaging learning experience. Using bubble wrap we put different colours on it in the shape of a rainbow, we then placed the bubble wrap on the paper and encouraged and demonstrated to our friends to press down, hit it and press the bubbles to create a beautiful, unique rainbow. Grayson would hit it then clap for himself excitedly while looking at Miss Crystal and Miss T’arn, acknowledging his achievements. Shayaan at first was a little unsure, but Miss T’arn showed him and then helped him press the bubbles, soon enough Shayaan was loving the activity and carefully pressed down on the bubbles while smiling. Bentley was intrigued by the colours, watching Miss Crystal pour each colour on the paper. He would hit the paper and giggle as he did it.

After our painting activity, some of our friends had their first sleep. While they were sleeping Zelia and Oliver engaged in messy sensory play outside. We had a sand trough set up to allow opportunity to explore and feel. Oliver immediately crawled over and climbed straight into it, laying in the sand and squeezing his hands, feeling it between his fingers. Zelia sat on the outside and used the sand shapes to move the sand around to different places. We also enjoyed playing with the small plastic balls in the water table and engaging with our toddler friends through the fence. For lunch time today we had some friends eat first then go to bed as others woke up and then had their lunch. For lunch today we enjoyed Sticky Thai Vegie Balls and Sesame Noodles with a fresh salad bar.

For the afternoon we are enjoying being outdoors while the sun is out and it is not to cold. We are loving playing with the sandpit trough, climbing on the climbing equipment and walking with the push toys. For afternoon tea we will enjoy having Bumbleberry Crumble Bars and fresh fruit!

Have a lovely afternoon!

Lots of Love,

Miss Crystal and Miss T’arn