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In the Morning Miss Mel and Miss Otavia welcomed our friends, Jordan, Presley, Bentley, & Zelia. When Miss T’arn arrived at 8:15 she was greeted with Jordans little hands wrapped around her leg wanting a cuddle and a big wave and cuddle from Presley. Bentley was having a cuddle with Miss Otavia as he was getting tired and ready for bed and Zelia was having a cuddle with Miss Mel. Miss T’arn took Babies One children to their room to start their morning routines and get our bubs to bed. Shayaan and Grayson arrives shortly after, ready to explore the room and outdoor play space!

For our group time today, we sat by the door in our outdoor yard before transitioning inside to the table for lunch. Presley, Jordan, Grayson, Presley, Shayaan, Bentley, and Zelia all sat with Miss T’arn outside while she showed the children the “My First Animals” book. She pointed to the animals on the page and showed the children. After reading a story we sand “open shut them” Row Row your boat” and “If you’re happy and you know it”. Today is a sad day in our Babies One room as we are losing a part of our little family today, Presley. We sang happy last day to her during group time and gave her some big cuddles. We wish Presley and her family all the best and we will miss them so much! Before going inside, we did “My Name Is” to help with the children’s name recognition and language development. Bentley began to say, “bub bub bub” and Miss T’arn clapped and said “bub bub” back to him. Grayson then clapped his hands imitating Miss T’arn. We also did some facial recognition again today too.

Miss T’arn and Miss Shae brought out the playdough ingredients to make some playdough with the children. Jordan, Bentley, Presley & Zelia joined Miss T’arn and Miss Shae around the table to help make the playdough. Miss T put all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl before holding the bowl in front of each child to have a turn at mixing the ingredients together. Jordan was so excited and didn’t hesitate to put his hand in the mixture. Bentley put his hand in and pulled it out quickly as his facial expression changed because he was unsure of the texture. Presley was hesitant at first to put her hand in but after some encouragement she put her fingers in, and like Bentley pulled them out and made a face. Zelia, like Jordan was happy to put her hands in and feel the dry mixture. Miss T then added the wet ingredients and began to mix it into a dough like mixture. Miss Shae also decided to add some Cocoa powder. We split the playdough into small sections for each child to have some. We brought Oliver over to the table to feel the dough. Jordan didn’t like the playdough as much as he liked the flour texture play. The children used their hands and fingers to poke and squeeze the playdough. Oliver was opening and closing his fingers in the playdough, feeling the texture. We noticed the children had more enjoyment with the dry ingredients, so we decided to put some flour and cocoa powder on the table also for the children to explore. To say they LOVED this experience would be an understatement. We were all laughing and exploring the dusty flour play! Jordan and Bentley had it everywhere! Jordan stood up from his chair and jumped into Miss T’arn’s arms, covering her in the flour and cocoa powder. We were all laughing at how we all were covered in the ingredients. Miss T’arn needs to bring some spare clothes! Grayson and Shayaan were having their naps at this time but enjoyed some playdough play after lunch. Squeezing and tasting the playdough.

Please don’t forget to pack lots of changes of clothes and extra warm clothes in your child’s bags! We love Messy Play and feeding ourselves in our Babies One room!

There are so many great photos from today! I will print them and put them on top of the lockers for you all to see!

♥ Much Love Always, Miss T’arn and Miss Shae ♥