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Good afternoon to all our wonderful families! This morning our friends Zelia, Bentley, Grayson, Jordan, Oliver and Shayaan were welcomed by Miss Mel, Miss Otavia and Miss Hansani outside in the verandah area. They were welcomed with lots of cuddles, and we loved seeing all the outfits everyone was wearing today for book week, especially our amazing educators. When Miss Crystal arrived, we all broke off into our own rooms and we ventured inside to begin our day and get some of our friends ready  for their first sleep for the day.

Continuing with book week for group time, almost all our friends were awake, so we enjoyed our lunch then sat on the mat out on the verandah and read two books, “Busy Farm” brought in from Zelia and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, brought in by Miss Crystal. Zelia’s book was a fun one as it had different flaps on each page to lift and reveal the picture, which were animals, as we discovered each animal, Miss Crystal would make the animal sound and our friends would laugh and smile as they would listen. After we had finished that story, we moved onto reading the “Very Hungry Caterpillar”, but before we read it Miss Crystal brought her butterfly wings out so our friends could see them and the colours and touch it. We listened very carefully to Miss Crystal as she read the story and we absolutely loved as she would wave her wings around so we could see her as a beautiful butterfly. It was such a beautiful day today that we spent almost all our day outside. We had a lot of books that were interactive and filled with engaging pictures for our friends to look at as they build their fine motor muscles flipping through the pages. Books are also a great introduction to their cognitive development which has been so special with book week and our current interest in the books. Oliver has become even more confident in pulling himself into a standing position since last week, so we set up the activity centre tables for him to continue building on his balance and gross motor development, as he would stand up at the table, he would slowly take steps and move around the entire table, trying to look and play with everything that was available. Oliver is also building his self-esteem and acknowledging his abilities, often sharing a big smile with his educators. Over where the ‘A’ frame and climbing bridge, Grayson and Jordan were together playing, Jordan and Grayson have developed a special little friendship and we can often find the two of them engaging in play together. Over with the wooden climbing equipment, Jordan had climbed up the bridge and then pulled himself into a standing position using the ‘A’ frame. On the other side was Grayson, who had also been in a standing position, he was reaching through trying to touch Jordan’s hands and you could hear the two of them giggling as they engaged in play with one another. Shayaan enjoyed the box of toys, pulling himself into a standing position, and too building his strength in his legs and his balancing. He was reaching in pulling out toys and throwing them on the ground. Despite not playing with anything, pulling the toys out is enhancing gross and fine motor skills and building on his trajectory dispositions. Bentley has continued to explore his walking milestone, using the push toys to pull himself into a standing position, use for support and walk from one end to the other of the yard. He is beginning to show more confidence and shares a big smile and giggle acknowledging his abilities and achievements.

For our transitions to mealtimes today we sung Bee Bee Bumble Bee to continue with our learning and recognition of not only our own names but our body parts too. Our friends all followed their own individual sleep routines as best as they could! We endeavour to follow each child’s home routine in whatever way we can. As the afternoon sets in, we will hopefully enjoy some more outdoor play before transitioning inside for the evening. This afternoon the children will have opportunity to engage in spontaneous play. The children have been happier and more engaged in activities initiated by the children and responded positively to the activities planned.

Lots of love,
Miss Crystal & Miss Shae xx