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Good Afternoon families

Today in Babies One we were welcomed early by Miss Shae, then later by Miss Narni.

This morning our friends engaged in outdoor play, having fun playing with the balls, exploring to the best of their capabilities. Our friends pushed the balls with their hands, Zélia’, Jordan and Matilda threw the ball with two hands.  Fletcher was able to kick the ball today, well done friends.

Miss Narni was introduced to Oliver and Grayson today, as we continued with our child interest learning of Creative arts music and movement. We actively listened to the Piccolo woodwind instrument during transition times, this helped create a smooth transition to indoor/outdoor play and mealtimes. Oliver, Grayson and Thomas used their sensory skills to feel the different textures of the Piccolo. The Black wood and Golden Brass. Our friends all then participated in a group free expressive dance to a variety of different music, with fast and slow beats  sung by Eduactors including “Sing a Rainbow”.

this afternoon we will continue playing inside and outside until we are collected for the evening

Love Miss Narni and Miss Shae xx