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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies one. We had such an amazing day with all our friends today. Today we welcomed Hugo, Daris, Oliver, Olivia, Olive, Charlie and Parker in the morning. We started our day having some morning tea as usual and spent most of the day exploring indoor activities.

After enjoying morning tea, we encourage children to engage with free activities such as stacking rings, playing with the soft interlock blocks and have a look on some sensory book while sitting at the book corner. Then we decided to do some free drawing on the chalk board using different colours. Kids loved it. then we played a bit in the kitchen corner and did the Christmas collage with some of our friends while the others were watching.

Lunch time….. We sat at the table and enjoyed doing some puzzles before the lunch. It was a great opportunity to have a group session and develop our fine motor skills.

We encourage all the families to come to the Christmas party next Monday at babies two yard around 4.30pm. Just a friendly reminder that only two adults can attend to the party because of COVID restrictions. Could you please let us know as soon as possible on the RSVP which is located at the front desk so we can get ready for the party. Thank You.

Have a lovely day….