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Hello Babies, 3 families,

Miss Mel is away today, and Miss Jess came over from babies 2 to explore and interact with everyone today with Miss Vanessa and what a wonderful day it’s been. While waiting for everyone to arrive we all explore the small side yard which is connected to babies one room. There was book, jungle gym, bikes, and some trucks/ cars to play with. We all enjoyed the jungle gym as we all tried climbing it and clapping when someone reached the top. It was exciting to cheer our friends on. Afterwards Avery, Peyton, Charlie, August, Liz, and Halle all explored the bigger baby’s yard. As we were playing, we had seen a fire truck out the front of the centre which was fantastic as everyone tried to pronounce the word. Once the fire truck started everyone could see the lights flashing once driving out of the centre. Everyone waved goodbye and blow some kisses to the truck. It was wonderful to see everyone welcoming our community and saying hello and goodbye.  After greeting the fire truck morning tea had arrived and so did Delilah, we all washed our hands and sat down at the table. This morning for morning tea we had some fruit and some yummy yogurt which filled our tummies.

After our tummies were full it was time to split into two groups one to explore outside and the other group to explore the activities inside. Today inside Miss Jess had setup musical instruments and playdough which everyone enjoyed. Everyone tried to roll it into a ball and pass to our friends sitting next to us and some tried to make some shapes from the playdough. Delilah, August, and Payton enjoyed the playdough a lot and loved squishing it between their hands. Liz, Halle, Luna, Charlie, and Avery all enjoy making some music with the instruments. It was amazing to see our friends giggle and build their friendships together. As for outside everyone enjoyed the 3D shapes, dolls, loved the sand pit and the slide. Miss Jess had also setup some farm animals to play with outside. Charlie and August enjoyed playing with the farm animals as they used their imagination to express emotions. Before we knew it, it was time for some yoga. Charlie, Halle, Peyton, and Liz all enjoyed the yoga today as they played with a sparky snake and a drum with pictures of fish inside. Once exploring yoga, it was time for some lunch, so we all washed our hands and sat down ready for some yummy rice with vegetables. It filled our tummies!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday just like us we cannot wait to see everyone have a fantastic afternoon. Much love Babies three xoxo

Love Miss Jess and Miss Vanessa