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Hello Families and welcome to our day in Babies 3,

This morning we welcomed Winston, Daris, Olivia, Parker, Isla, Bella, Valencia, and Matthew with big cuddles as they settled in.

While over in Babies 2 this morning Winston, Olivia and Parker engaged with the puzzles using their coordination to fit the pieces into the correct spaces. Isla was sat on the mat happily playing with a doll. We headed outside when our friends Daris and Bella arrived to have a little play before we headed inside for morning tea. After we enjoy our Delicious Pumpkin, chia and Apple waffles Miss Otavia let the children self-selecting their toys of interest. We had a lot of imaginative play this morning. Parker and Winston spent a lot of time over in home corner, washing the fruits and vegetables and using a spoon and a pan, pretending to stir their food. Parker picked up the shopping basket and put it over her arm, she looked up at Miss Otavia and said “bye, bye”. Winston also said “bye, bye” and both left the home corner. Isla also spent some time in home corner. She was holding a plate and a spoon pretending to eat the food. Valencia was holding an ice cream and starts to offer to all her friends. Good sharing!!

Miss Otavia sat down in the mat and invited our friends to play with her. She was playing threading with pipe cleaners and beads. Winston and Daris was the first one to try. Then Valencia and Matthew had their turn. They loved using their concentration and hand/eye coordination to threading the pipe cleaners. Our little eggs with chicks inside was very popular today. They enjoyed opening the eggs and press down the chicks as they make a “chick noise”.

Over on the table Miss Otavia set up an activity for our little ones practice their fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination. She provided a piece of paper and different colours of crayon. They loved drawing and chose the colours of the crayon. What an amazing experience to our friends develop their independence and self-esteem.

We spent a lot of time exploring our outside environment today. We demonstrated our gross motor skills on the bikes, sliding down the slide, building towers with soft blocks and knock them down and balls. Daris saw a ball in the small yard and came to Miss Otavia yelling “ball, ball”. Miss Otavia then gave the ball to him and he ran away yelling again “ball, ball”. He was so happy! Isla approached Miss Otavia grabbed her hand and said “row” showing that she wanted to dance “row, row your boat”. Matthew and Bella took turns on the slide, sharing giggles together. Winston loves riding the bikes but sometimes he likes just to sit on the bike and watch the traffic outside. We also enjoyed our free time in the sand pit, digging up the sand. Valencia grabbed a bucket and began filling it with sand then she turned it down watching the sand falling. Parker and Matthew was engaged in a play where Matthew was holding a strainer and Parker using a hand shape was grabbing sand and putting into the strainer.

Before lunch time we all sat down for a group time. We have been singing “bee, bee bumble bee” as a transition to wash our hands and then have our lunch. Sitting on the mat Miss Otavia began to sing “Bee bee bumble bee, can you sing your name to me? This helps with name recognition and helps with all our babies being able to say their own names and also to recognise each other’s names.  Parker, Olivia, Bella, and Valencia repeated their names and helped the others with their names.

Today our lunch was Loaded butter chicken with turmeric rice. After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music. For afternoon tea we are going to have Very mexi dips and corn tortilla chips and then we head to outside again for more fun activities until is time to go home.

Tomorrow is Red Nose Day. If is possible wear our littles friends with Red colour to celebrate this important day where we are going to help to raise money for SIDS.

Much love Miss Otavia and Miss Jim xx