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Hello families, welcome to Monday in Babies 3,

This morning we welcomed Winston, Parker, Isla, Bella, Adeleine, Valencia and Jhye with big cuddles as they settled in for the morning.

As we came over to our room Winston, Adeleine, Parker, Bella and Isla rushed over to the puzzle table. With Mel’s encouragement our friends began using the trial-and-error method, manipulating the puzzle pieces to fit into the correct spaces. Winston held one of the dinosaurs up to show Mel and began roaring like a dinosaur. Parker picked up the cow and was making the cow sound as she was adjusting the cow to fit into the correct space. She then began giggling as she thought it was funny to pop the cow on top of her head. Parker and Winston pulled out the dress up box holding their chosen outfit up to Miss Otavia to help them to put their outfit on. Parker was a beautiful fairy she loved spinning around in her pretty pink fairy dress. Winston wanted to wear the black tutu tutu, he wore it for most the morning, not wanting to take it off. Home corner was very popular this morning with all our friends, we were all pretending to eat yummy ice cream and sharing the ice creams around. There was lots of stirring, using the spoons and bowls, Bella was pretending to eat from the bowl saying “mmm” as she brought the spoon up to her mouth. Isla and Adeleine were engaged with the baby dolls, hopping in and out of the dolls bed and giving the dolls lots of cuddles. Adeleine found the blue teddy that she loves and continued to play while holding her friend. While we were engaged in play Miss Otavia played some of our favourite songs including “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”, “If your happy and you know it” and “Baby Shark” we enjoyed dancing around and doing the actions as we explored the room. This morning we had Homemade Beans on Sourdough Turkish for morning tea.

We popped our sunscreen on and found our hats as we headed outside to explore. Jhye and Adeleine enjoyed climbing over the A frames and balance beams. Adeleine then ventured over to her friend Isla at the slide. They began taking turns going up and down. Bella was walking around with the watering can so miss Mel filled it up and we watered the plants together. Valencia, Jhye and Winston where sharing lots of giggles together as they took turns crawling through the tunnel. Isla decided to side in the tub full of the sensory bottles. Winston, Isla and Parker then thought it would be fun to place the sensory bottles inside bikes.  Jhye then joined Valencia climbing over the bridge.

Joining with Babies 2 Miss Mel planned a fun science experiment using Red and Yellow Jelly and hid farm animals inside for our babies to explore. It was Ooey, gooey, slushy, and messy! Jelly is great for sensory play, small world, and science experiments as it’s tactile, edible, smells great and very versatile. Our friends gathered around the sensory tray, very curious to explore everything they could see. Instantly they began exploring through their senses the many wonderful textures and qualities of the jelly. All hands in, pulling out one animal at a time. Bella found a cow and said “moo!” Winston found the duck and began making the duck sound “quack, quack”. Adeleine was excited when she pulled out the sheep, holding it up so her educators could see. Jhye was a little unsure, he didn’t like the feeling of the cold squishy jelly on his hands. Isla was a little unsure at first however with some encouragement she enjoyed the experiment. Valencia, Bella, and Parker also enjoyed squishing their hands all around in the jelly. Once our babies enjoyed the sensory experience of the Jelly and watching as the jelly began melting as they played, we mixed the red and yellow jelly together to make orange jelly. Mel spoke to her friends how red and yellow make orange. Parker repeated Mel “Orange” she said as she watched Mel mix the two colours together.

After our activity was over, we all sat down outside with Miss Lauren and joined in singing and doing the actions to “5 little ducks”, “twinkle, twinkle” and “Open shut them”. Miss Mel sung Bee, bee bumble bee as we all took turns washing our hands. Today our lunch was Rainbow Sushi Bowl and after we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep to some soft relaxing music. For afternoon we are going to enjoy an Amazing organic Chocolate Zucchini “Beany” cake. Our afternoon play was child led with outdoor experiences.

Book Week – theme: around the world. Next week is about bringing children and books together across Australia. It’ll be a fun week of dress-ups, activities, and all things books. The children are invited to come dressed as their favourite book character.

Miss Melinda, Miss Otavia. xxxx