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Welcome to Wednesday in Babies Three.

This morning was spent getting reacquainted with some lovely little friends,(Orion, Millie and Abel) that I have not seen for a little while, and also getting acquainted with my lovely new little friend Ruby. First we explored the sandpit where Millie chose to build sandcastles and dig in the sand with the buckets. Ruby decided she was going for a bike ride and waved to her friends she rode along the verandah. Abel was our moving man, as he transported the foam blocks around the yard in a barrow. Orion was off on a mission to mow the grass with his push along mower. Then after our morning tea we chose indoor activities which included stacking our puzzle shapes as we sang the rainbow song. There was some fantastic role playing in home area where our friends were cooking banana in a pan. Other activities we chose today were, looking at out reflections in the mirror, riding the toy horses, role play with our babies – Abel was very caring as he gave his baby a kiss goodnight before putting him to bed, the shape turtle was also popular, so as we played with this Miss Lyn sang a song about a little turtle who lived in a box. We have had a fun day. Love from Babies Three and Miss Lyn.