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Welcome to babies two..

Happy Monday… It’s Superhero week… Miss.Hansani and Miss.Hope welcomed all the babies in the morning with big cuddles. Children started their day exploring indoor activities with their friends. Dinosaurs, sea animals, wild animals, stacking rings and building blocks were the most favourite activities today. It was nice to see that our babies are building strong relationships with their friends from other babies rooms. Then we headed to the outdoor yard to explore more experiences before the morning teatime. Halle and Liz were so excited to demonstrate their balancing skills today. They enjoyed climbing and walking on the climbing beams without any hesitation. Boys enjoyed playing in the sand pit and push the trucks around the yard while skyla was playing with the dolls.

Then we enjoyed our morning tea inside and continue free play inside the room. We decided to do something fun as it’s Superhero week this week. So, Miss Hansani and Miss.Hope decided to find some materials to make a spider web. We offered them blue and brown colour shredded papers to pretend like playing with a spider web. We had so much fun. Finley, Noah, Thomas and Jackson ran around the room with the shredded papers saying ‘’spider’’. Then children have been engaging with a group time making the ‘’Thor Hammer’’ using playdough for the superhero week. we also enjoyed singing lots of songs, dancing and reading books while were outside.

We had a such a wonderful day…