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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two. It has been a nice beginning for the week. Today we welcomed six little babies Ruby, Finley, Tairongo, Cameron, Noah and Thomas into babies two room. Our intentional teaching is to focus on ‘ J ‘ letter on this week. so today we were talking about jumping, junction,jungle, juice , jeep and jellyfish.

In the morning children have been choosing to play outside and they also could feel the nice rainy weather today. They have been choosing to play with the colorful balls, sand tub and see-saw. Finley and Ruby sat on the see-saw and they both started to move the see-saw up and down by pushing their legs. And Noah also joined with them later. Cameron and Thomas have been choosing to play with sand outside. Thomas loved to stand up  close to the big tub and touch the sand gently. Cameron loved to throw the sand by using his both hands and he thew sand few times while talking and smiling. Finley and Ruby also joined to play with sand after see-saw. Ruby wanted to touch sand while she was sitting and Finley loved to throw sand while he was walking.

And then we came inside and had our nice morning tea and after that some of our friends went to sleep. Thomas and Cameron have been choosing to play with the vehicles in the traffic junction inside. Cameron, Ruby and Noah have been choosing to read some books inside. Ruby picked a book and came to me and sat down on the mat. Cameron wanted to explore the book by himself so he grabbed a book and started to turn pages on by one happily. And miss Nikki has been singing some songs in the morning as it is first day in the ”J” week (Jack and Jill ).

It has been a nice Monday……Looking forward for tomorrow….