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Hello all the families

It has been a beautiful Tuesday with our eight little friends Ruby, Finley, Cameron, Thomas, Noah, Elliana, Max and Ariana. The weather is still wet as yesterday.

Children have been choosing to play inside in the morning and they enjoyed the activities we set up for today. It is the second day of the ‘ J ‘ week so we set up a jungle inside with some of animals. Thomas and Ariana loved to play with those little animals in the jungle and Finley loved to play with the little elephant. And then we had a nice jelly fish drawing session with Ruby, Elliana, Cameron and Thomas while everyone else sleeping. They enjoyed it really well and cameron loved it. Cameron used his both hands to do the painting. Ariana, Max, Elliana and Cameron have been choosing to read some books altogether and everyone picked their favorite books to read. Elliana picked the little bug book and Cameron picked the sea creatures book and Max picked a one book and lay down on the mat. Noah also joined with his friends after playing with the blocks. And then we went for outside for little bit and children have been doing different things outside after lunch. Noah was really busy with the see-saw and he also loved to sit on the chairs around the outside table. Thomas has been choosing to sit on a bench and play with some leaves while Elliana play with the colorful little balls.

It has been a wonderful day….. Looking forward for tomorrow…