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Hello families

Welcome to babies two. Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn welcomed Liz, Skyla, Halle, Cameron, Max, Finley, Noah and Max in the morning with warm cuddles. All our babies were so interested to walk into their room in the morning. Our new babies also getting used to their environment. Well done.

We started our day having morning tea. children enjoyed yummy fruits and some banana muffins for the morning tea. Then they started to explore all the indoor activities we set up the day. They enjoyed throw all the balls around the room, read some books while sitting on the mat, threading wooden animals, shaking sensory bottles, play music instruments, stacking the rings and shapes and play with the new bangles Miss.Emma brought in.

When the sun came out, we headed to the outdoor yard to explore their favourite outdoor experiences. Children enjoyed riding bicycles, climbing on the climbing beam, reading books with Miss.T’arn and play with recycling tubs. Miss.Hansani continued foot painting activity with some of our babies who did not have their chance yesterday. They loved to get painted their feet.

Then we decided to get little bit messy today playing with flour. Children enjoyed touching and throwing the flour all around the yard. children love sensory and messy play.

Have a lovely day