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Hello all the families

It has been a beautiful Wednesday and today we welcomed eight little friends Ruby, Finley, Cameron, Skyla, Jackson, Tairongo, Elliana and Max to the babies two room.

Cameron, Max, Ruby and Finley played outside in the morning with miss Nikki and enjoyed the nice weather too. Max was busy playing with the sea plan and Finley, Cameron and Ruby were busy with playing with the balls. They started to take the balls one by one from the box and Finley loved to throw the balls over the fence into the big play yard. Then after Ruby wanted to sit on a chair while the boys are playing. And then we had our morning tea and came back to play outside with the other children. So Jackson, Elliana, Tairongo and Skyla also joined with us for play outside. Jackson loved to play on the see-saw and Elliana loved to grab two toys and walk around the yard. And then we came inside and had a wonderful lunch after busyplay. children have been choosing to do some drawing while some friends are sleeping. Its ” J ” week so we have been choosing to paint a jeep today. They loved it as they can use many colors for that and they really enjoyed it. And then again children have been choosing to play outside and have some fresh air. So miss Hansani tried to teach the children about how to jump using two hula-hoops. Ruby,Finley and Cameron were really interested on jumping. Ruby attempted to jump when i ask ‘can you jump Ruby?”  And she bent her knees and tried to jump in the middle of the hula-hoop. she is improving her movements skills. And we sat on the mat and read some books in the afternoon with miss Nikki.

It has been a beautiful Wednesday….Looking forward for tomorrow….