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Hello all the families

It has been a nice and cold Thursday. Today we welcomed four babies into babies two room Finley, Noah, Max and Cameron. It has been a nice and quite day.

Today children have been choosing to play outside, so miss Hansani arranged a water play outside. So i put a turtle, a crab, a jelly fish, a shark and a small fish into the water tub and gave a little net to catch fish. It was a good opportunity to identify some varieties of animals live in the water. Noah, Max and Finley loved to play with water and Finley loved to put the crab into the little net. Max also tried to catch a fish using the net. Cameron was playing with two balls as he loves to throw toys, while his friends playing with water. And then we came inside and Cameron enjoyed the quite time while the other friends are sleeping. He loved to push two trucks all around the room. And then we had a nice craft session as they love to use paints and textures. So we created a jellyfish on paper bags by using babies hand prints. Cameron loved to use textures to color his jellyfish and Finley loved to paint his jellyfish. Max loved to use his hand prints to make a jelly fish. Children have been choosing to do free play after their painting session. Noah and Finley loved to ride the tricycles while max and Cameron were playing with the trucks. Children have been choosing to read some books in the evening and Miss Gabbi also joined with us. Finley loved to listen to Miss Gabbi’s stories. It was a nice afternoon.

It has been a beautiful Thursday….. Looking forward fortomorrow..