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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two. It has been a nice Monday as the beginning of the  week. Today Miss Hansani and Miss Dominique welcomed five children into babies two Ruby, Finley, Thomas, Cameron and Tairongo. Today we spent most of our morning outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Ruby and Finley were interested to play on see-saw with Miss Hansani. They were so happy when they go up and down. Cameron was playing with a car by pushing it so fast while Tairongo sitting on a chair. We have noticed that cameron loves to push vehicles all around the room.

And we have noticed that our babies love to paint and draw using textures. So we did a nice painting session today. So our babies have been choosing to paint a kite, using gold color and their fingers which is important to develop their fine motor skills. So Ruby started to make dots on the kite by using her index finger and Cameron also wanted to make some dots on his paper. Finley also joined with us to paint his kite while Thomas and tairongo sleeping.

And then after lunch, we went outside and we played with a water sand tub. Finley put some balls into the water and and then Ruby, Tairongo and Cameron also joined with Finley.Thomas has been choosing to play with a big ball outside. Finley and Ruby were really interested on water play as a good sensory activity. So they could feel the cold water and they could see how sand looks like after getting wet. Ruby has been choosing to read a book outside after water play. So we read some books inside with Miss Dominique today.

It has been a beautiful Monday….. Looking forward for tomorrow…