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Hello all the families

It has been a beautiful Tuesday with our eight little friends Ruby, Finley, Ariana, Cameron, Max, Elliana and Thomas. Children have been choosing to play outside in the morning and everyone wanted to do different things. Finley was interested to play with wet sand and he loved to throw sand over the fence into the big yard. Ruby and Max also joined with Finley to play with sand. Ruby loved to make some holes by using her index finger and she touched the sand gently. And then Ruby sat on the see-saw with Finley like the other day. Thomas loved to play with the hula-hoops.

And then we came inside and had some delicious food. Ariana and Thomas have been choosing to read some books inside with Miss Danica while Ruby and Cameron riding the tricycles. Our babies love to do crafts, painting and coloring so we decided to do do some free drawing today. So we used some color papers and textures. And then after, Miss Danica made a tower with the babies using the blocks.Ruby, Ariana, Elliana, Finley and Cameron were really interested to watch how miss Danica put the blocks to make the tower.

In the afternoon we went outside for a little bit to do a sensory activity. So we played with a play dough. Children have been choosing to role it and break into small pieces.

It has been a beautiful Tuesday…. Looking forward for tomorrow…