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Hello families.

Welcome to babies two. Today Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly welcomed Skyla, Halle, Cameron, Finley, Thomas, Noah, Tairongo and Max with big cuddles in the morning. We started our day having morning tea and playing outside. Noah, Finley, Tairongo, Cameron and Max were so excited to play with the climbing beam we put in the yard today. They enjoyed climbing and walking on the beam. Then we had so much fun playing with wild animals on sand. After the sensory sand play, we headed to the toddler yard to explore some more activities in the morning. Children were so excited to engage with the obstacle courses, balancing bridge, sand pit and slides.

After playing outdoor, children have been choosing to explore the activities we set up indoor. We had a nice group time doing some activities with play dough. We used different kind of plastic shapes to create animals, stars and circles using our fine motor skills. In the afternoon we watched some nursery rhymes and danced together. Halle and Noah were extremely excited to dance and clap while watching the songs.

we will be engaging with more activities in the afternoon…

have a lovely day….