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Good afternoon lovely families,

What a wonderful Thursday it is. Today in the morning while waiting for everyone to arrive Oskar, Daris, Forrest and Olive put their jumper on and headed outside to explore the environment. everyone adventured over to the sandpit to build sandcastles. Winston and Bella had arrived in time to have lots of cuddles with Miss Jess. Before going inside Miss Jess had sat down with everyone and started singing songs which were wheels on the bus, bee bee bumble bee and the alphabet song. We then invented to the bathroom to wash our hands and sit down at the table ready for morning tea.

After having our yummy morning tea, we explored the room before sitting down with Miss Jess to see what she had in the basket. FRUIT! Miss Jess had made a basket full of fruit cut in half for us all to feel, smell and taste. We also enjoyed some banana, that Miss Jess cut up for everyone to eat. As we were investigating the basket Austin had arrived, which we were starting to setup for painting with the fruits. Everyone dipped apples into pink paint, then pear into orange paint, and cucumber into red paint. We loved stamping them onto the white paper and making shapes. Daris and Forrest completed more painting which was the ANZAC Day wreath handprint, poppy painting, apple stamping and corn roll painting. They both loved dipping the object into the paint then making wonderful shapes on paper. After completing our painting, it was time to explore outside further, which we loved the climbing bridge, sliding down the slide and building more sandcastles, before it was time to dust the sand off and have some lunch.

This afternoon we hope to go outside but if its too cold we will be exploring the book, soft blocks, and puzzles inside. Tomorrow we will be completing a citrus painting and tasting lemon, lime, and oranges we can’t wait to see everyone reactions!

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Tatiana xoxo  💕